At INvite Accepted, we specialize in delivering qualified appointments and lead generation services geared towards bringing significant growth to businesses across various industries, verticals, and niche markets.

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Who We Are

INvite Accepted is a company that provides B2B Demand Generation Services for businesses operating in a wide range of industries and geographic locations. Our team has an extensive amount of experience in the demand generation industry.

Collaboratively, our team has over 23 years of experience with helping thousands of companies just like yours reach their revenue growth targets through best-in-class lead generation and prospecting.

The main advantage we offer is speed and consistency in delivering results through multi-touch and multi-channel marketing campaigns. Our process is optimized to accelerate lead generation without compromising the quality of deliverables


Our mission is to gain the trust of our clients by delivering on our promises. Our goal is to provide qualified appointments that yield a return on the investment that our clients deserve, and increase more closable sales.

What We Do


Lead Generation

Our experienced Lead Generation Representatives are trained to meet your targeted prospect by engaging the right decision-makers in your desired industry or market, ensuring that every prospect we deliver to you belongs to your ideal buyer profile and nothing less. We build your pipeline so you don’t have to.

Executive Level Appointment Setting

At INvite Accepted, we offer customized solutions for every sector across all industries and verticals. We provide our clients with qualified teleconference, web demo and face to face appointments that will kick start your sales engine right away and provide you with the ROI that your company deserves.

Virtual Classroom Training Sessions

We offer a virtual training package called the “Accepted Elite Package.” This training package is done in a virtual classroom environment to educate your Inside Sales team, giving them the opportunity to ask questions and have interactive sessions amongst their peers.


We are experienced industry professionals who dedicate all our resources to generating leads that produce an excellent return on investment for our clients. We’ve mastered our craft, so we know exactly which direction to take when providing state-of-the-art lead generation and sales appointment setting services.

Meet our CEO

Shanell Watts

Shanell Watts


“We’re a small company with huge values…We provide qualified meetings to our clients so they receive the ROI that they deserve. We seek long-term partnerships not paydays”

What Sets Us Apart?

  • We value our clients
  • We don’t over promise and under deliver
  • We go above and beyond to deliver quality meetings with decision makers that has expressed a pain, need or challenge for your industry specific product or service
  • We’re here when you need us! You come first!
  • Our US based team represents your brand effectively and precisely on every call
  • We don’t discriminate, if you’re a two man show it’s ok! We want to help you grow!
  • We offer virtual training sessions that will fortify your team with the tools they’ll need to accelerate the growth of your organization

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